The motorcycle crash lawyers at the Tieman, Spencer and Hicks, LLC, know that a negligent driver hitting a motorcycle rider with a car or truck can lead to gruesome, life changing injuries, even death.  In Missouri alone an average of almost 100 people are killed and almost 2000 people are injured every year in crashes involving motorcycles.

    Many people injured in motorcycle crashes are often disrespected, ignored, and even wrongfully accused of being at fault by insurance companies, simply because they were riding a motorcycle when the crash occurred.  The experienced motorcycle crash lawyers at Tieman, Spencer and Hicks, LLC, will make sure that this does not happen to you or a friend or loved one that has been injured in a motorcycle crash.

    All of our motorcycle crash attorneys can deal with any kind of motorcycle crash case. With over one hundred years of combined experience we stand out among other law firms. Simply put, we have the expertise and capability to  handle any motorcycle crash case. Our accident lawyers have collected millions of dollars on behalf of thousands of clients.

    Client satisfaction is our top priority, and that’s why our motorcycle crash lawyers leave an unrelentingly AGGRESSIVE, FAST and FOCUSED approach to motorcycle crash cases. We completely understand and empathize with the complex trauma and injuries a motorcycle crash can cause and innocent victim. We take care of everything from getting essential paperwork done to contacting insurance companies, negotiating settlement, and, if necessary filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

    Every insurance carrier has attorneys working hard to limit the amount of money an injured motorcycle rider receives as compensation for his or her injuries. The motorcycle crash lawyers at Tieman, Spencer and Hicks, LLC, employ a very AGGRESSIVE approach, when it comes to fighting with insurance companies and their attorneys in order to recover every dollar that the victim of a motorcycle crash deserves.  We work FAST because we know the financial hardship that an injury accident creates.  And, we are FOCUSED on WINNING justice for every client that is injured in a motorcycle crash.

    The attorneys at Tieman, Spencer and Hicks have over 100 years of combined experience and have recovered millions of dollars for thousands of injured people, including millions of dollars for people injured in motorcycle crashes. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, put Tieman, Spencer and Hicks LLC’s AGGRESSIVE, FAST AND FOCUSED approach to fight for and WIN all of the money you deserve to compensate you for your injuries.


    Our fee is contingent.  It is a percentage of the money we recover for you.  

    We will advance to the costs involved in proving up your case and maximizing your recovery.

    If there is no recovery you owe nothing.


    If you are physically able:

    • Call the police;
    • Obtain the at-fault driver’s insurance information and contact information;
    • Obtain contact information for any witnesses;
    • Take photos of the scene of the accident and all of the vehicles involved.
    • Seek immediate medical treatment if you suspect that you have any type of injury. The injury might be worse than you think.


    • Under no circumstances agree to give a statement, recorded or otherwise to the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier.  In many instances, an insurance carrier will use such a statement to try to limit your recovery.
    • Never accept an offer of settlement from an insurance company without first obtaining a second opinion from Tieman, Spencer and Hicks, LLC.  The offer will probably be low and will not take into account all of the damages that you have suffered.
    • Never sign any document sent to you by an insurance company without first obtaining second opinion from Tieman, Spencer and Hicks, LLC. The document might constitute a release of your claim, thereby barring you from seeking further damages.THE INSURANCE COMPANY IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE

    Insurance companies are profit driven.  Every dollar that an insurance carrier can avoid paying to the injured victim of a motorcycle crash equals another dollar of potential profit for the company.

    Insurance adjusters work to protect the interests of the company and the insured, at fault driver.

    Insurance carriers employ a vast network of adjusters and attorneys, all working to limit your recovery.


    The laws governing motorcycle crash claims are complex. Your ability to recover the damages that you deserve can be impacted by guessing and potentially lost if you delay taking action. With so much at stake, you need an attorney that is AGGRESSIVE, FAST AND FOCUSED. You need an attorney working to WIN for you.  You need Tieman, Spencer, and Hicks, LLC.