Millions Awarded in IVC Filter Cases

Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts Awarded in IVC Filter Cases An Indianapolis, Indiana jury recently awarded plaintiff, Tonya Brand three million dollars in damages against Cook Medical for injuries resulting from a [...]

Whiplash Myths

Myths Surrounding Soft Tissue “Whiplash” Injuries When dealing with soft tissue injuries, arguing that whiplash is not a serious injury is possibly the biggest myth perpetuated by insurance adjusters.  Whiplash [...]

Statute of Limitations

Do you know the statute of limitations in Missouri? Commonly known as a statute of limitations, laws barring an individual’s ability to bring a claim for damages after a car [...]

No Pay, No Play

No Play, No Pay statutes in Missouri and Kansas As we all know, maintaining auto insurance is important for many reasons. If you are struck by an uninsured driver and [...]

Minor Impact Accidents

Minor Impact Car Accidents and Insurance Adjusters’ Refusal to Pay If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times from different insurance adjusters: “Your client‘s car [...]

At the Scene

What do you do at the scene of a car or truck accident? A car accident or a semi- truck accident that is not your fault can be the most [...]

Workers’ Compensation Laws

Injured on the job? Workers’ compensation laws vary state to state, and an employee that has been injured acting alone is faced with the challenge of navigating a complicated and [...]

Sidewalk Cases

Injured on a sidewalk? Every day thousands of people are injured as a result of slip and fall type injuries, also known as premises liability claims. Many of these injuries [...]