Whiplash Myths

Myths Surrounding Soft Tissue “Whiplash” Injuries

When dealing with soft tissue injuries, arguing that whiplash is not a serious injury is possibly the biggest myth perpetuated by insurance adjusters.  Whiplash injuries commonly result from car accidents and can be very serious. In fact, over 20% of those individuals that have suffered a whiplash type injury still complain of pain 12 months following the injury.  Even so, adjusters still insist on perpetuating another myth; insisting that whiplash injuries should heal within six to eight weeks.

The truth is very different from the myth. Whiplash injuries can cause mild traumatic brain injuries.  Whiplash may require long term treatment for a significant percentage of those affected. In some cases, whiplash leads to permanent total disability.

Adjusters also cling to the myth that a delay in the onset of symptoms equates to no whiplash injury having occurred. Studies have shown that a delay in the onset of symptoms is actually more common than an immediate onset of symptoms.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry has been very successful in convincing a large percentage of the population that the myth is actually reality. The result is that injured people often receive less than adequate compensation for whiplash injuries.

If you have suffered a whiplash injury, do not accept less than adequate compensation for your injuries.  Insurance companies all have attorneys working for them, and you need an attorney working for you with only one goal: to maximize the amount you recover from the insurance carrier. Contact attorney, Russ Purvis at Tieman, Spencer & Hicks, LLC, for a free initial consultation.


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